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2nd Edition, higher resolution and overall smarter release of the popular d20 Gamesmaster's Forge, containing a host of useful tidbits and aids for the busy fantasy d20 GM. Features include:

- Gamesmaster's Forge headed note paper, infinitely useful for scribbling notes during a hectic game or simply doodling quick maps or sketches.

- NPC Card, for keeping track of your non-player-characters. Create a deck and draw at random, or simply index for a neat account of all your favourite in-game personalities.

- Combat sheets, for figuring combat between monsters and players, with quick stat notepaper for inconsequential combat and more detailed notes for the more important battles involving protagonists or NPCs.

- Hex map, for quick and accurate map sketching.

- Private notes, unique notes for passing secret messages to players, include 'you hear', 'you see', 'you feel' and lots more.

- Four piece d20 GM Screen featuring beautiful artwork by Peter Szabo Gabor and David Sharrock. Easy to print and easy to assemble. The business side features loads of useful reference material to use during play including Quick Reminders (core mechanic, multiplying, language, alignments etc), Races at a Glance, NPC and place name reference tables (for off-the-cuff NPC and location names), Class at a Glance, Spellcasting (includes pre-requisites, if/thens, counterspell rules, and quick reference spell types), DC table, opposed checks table, bluff examples, climb DCs, and long/high jump DCs

- Full Colour Floorplans, featuring a large assortment of printable floorplan tiles including flagstones, water, wooden flooring, pits, rail track, stairs (spiral and straight), furniture and loads more besides.

- Hex Combat Mats, to print and use with miniatures for more accurate combat moments. Includes grass, sand and stone.

- Scenery Standies, to use as reference points or visual features with your miniatures. Trees, bushes, rocks, barrels, sign posts, camp fires, tents and more.

- Marching Order Floorplans, for use with miniatures to bring the visual element of your game to life. These beautifully rendered black-and-white plans from Kenneth Smith and David Sharrock can be used simply to illustrate the marching order of player characters, as scenes for combat, or as part of an adventure. Each set contains four plans- straight road, curved, y-junction and crossroads. The sets include country road, wilderness track, cavern passageways and city road.

This is the second edition release of Gamesmaster's Forge.

  • Model: gm27
  • Manufactured by: Forever People Games & RPG

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