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Format: Portrait, fully bookmarked.

This pdf presents a rich and detailed system of character-defining traits, flaws and disadvantages for your Modern d20 game.

D20 Postmodern Traits and Flaws offers a complete system of self-balancing character traits. These traits are designed to flesh out aspects of your character, such as personality, background, or even physique. Traits can serve as an interesting starting point for roleplaying, reminding players of their character?s most prominent strengths and weaknesses. Suggestions for roleplaying opportunities are given throughout. Character traits include coldly logical, strange luck, preternaturally sensitive and many more...

Flaws exist as a sort of anti-feat. Whereas a feat enables a character to be better than normal at performing a task (or even to do something that normal characters can't), a flaw restricts a character's capabilities or imposes a penalty of some sort. Character flaws include criminal record, manchurian candidate, tracking implant and many more...

As a bonus, d20 Postmodern Traits and Flaws includes a system of character disadvantages. These disadvantages are designed to inject dramatic situations into a character's day-to-day life. These disadvantages may stem from the character's background or some persistent element of the character's personality or daily experiences. Character disadvantages include amnesia, personal code, guilt and many more...

d20 Postmodern Traits and Flaws includes:

  • Five categories of traits and flaws; mundane, conspiracy, occult, psionic and supernatural.
  • Forty character traits.
  • Twenty-six flaws.
  • Fifteen disadvantages.

About Big Finger Games' d20 Postmodern line:
D20 Postmodern is Big Finger Games' catch-all title for their line of Modern d20 add-ons and enhancements.
With d20 Postmodern, Big Finger Games' stated goal is to provide a mix of authentic cinematic action, colorful and robust character options, precise and flavorful rules, and inspiring and sophisticated storytelling for your Modern campaign.

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  • Manufactured by: Big Finger Games

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