Genre Plugin: High Octane Mayhem


Format: Portrait.

Optional rules, feats, and a new advanced class for Modern d20 gaming.

Adaptable rules sets, like the d20 Modern roleplaying game, aren't always tailored for replicating specific genres from fiction and film. The Genre Plugin series provides additional rules for modeling the tropes of a particular genre.

High Octane Mayhem is the genre of fast cars and furious action. This genre plugin can cover everything from cops and criminals involved in illegal street racing, car thieves, drift racers battling for dominance on secluded mountain roads, or professional getaway drivers and transporters. It includes:

  • Simple rules for Tuning, Street Racing, and Stealing Cars.
  • 13 feats, including Car Thief, Chop Shop Connections, Stunt Driver, and many more...
  • A new advanced class: The Tuner.

  • Model: BFG1409
  • Manufactured by: Big Finger Games

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 31 December, 2006.

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