Hunter & Prey: Anatomy of Obsession


Hunter & Prey is designed to help Gamemasters create memorable adventures, quickly and easily, by providing fully-realized NPCs and either a mini-adventure or adventure hooks, to introduce the characters and get the players involved right away.

In Anatomy of Obsession, Professor Joshua Haynes has long been fascinated by those unique beings gifted with extraordinary abilities. At first dedicated to discovering the physiological origins of such powers, his academic curiosity took a darker, more sinister turn. Now an expert on super-human genetics, Professor Haynes has begun genetically manipulating super-beings, creating experiments wherein he decides the final outcome of their abilities . . . sometimes with monstrous results. Meanwhile, the Federal Government has activated one of their deadliest assassins to annihilate Professor Haynes and his experiments, and bring all data back to their own black-ops laboratories.

With two of the Professorís experiments recently escaped and seeking help, can the Heroes stop the Professor and rescue those still under his control before itís too late, or will they, too, become yet more victims to his mad designs, and footnotes in the Governmentís bid for the ultimate weapon?

The heroes may have hunted the criminals . . . but now the hunters have become the prey!

  • Model: ARP2002
  • Manufactured by: Arbor Productions

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