In the Shadow of the Devil


From out of the murky centuries, the dastardly works of betrayal and heresy reveal themselves in a flurry of mysterious omens, theft, bloody murder, and open revolt. For a group of adventurers, what began as a simple delivery to a prestigious wedding fast becomes a nefarious tangled web of lies. That which is discovered unveils subtle clues, hints, and tantalizing conundrums, all of which at first seem unrelated to the objective at hand: the return of the stolen Orb of Saint Meritricus.

As the adventurers delve further into the mystery, they realize all too quickly that these clues tie in to far greater implications for all those involved. The current effect this conspiracy has shall become more obvious and all too real. The revelation of an antediluvian menace greater than mortal men, sequestered deep in timeworn loamy earth, will threaten to reach its fetid hand across the sea and clutch at the unguarded throat of the Imperium.

New monsters deadly enough to challenge even the craftiest and most jaded adventurers
New magic items certain to thrill your players
A myriad of NPCs with in-depth roleplaying information certain to make every session memorable
Beautiful maps sutible to enlarge and use as play surfaces
A new and deadly val family: the devil-dealing val'Baucisz
New prestige class: the Mordant, scourge of the undead
Rules for the legendary blade of the Kio and other weapons of the exotic Western Lands

In the Shadow of the Devil first appeared in print in May 2004. The PDF is bookmarked as was created from the original layout files rather than being scanned.

  • Model: PCI 1006
  • Manufactured by: Paradigm Concepts

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