Token Pack 5: DM Essentials

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This is one of Devin Nights token Packs. These top-down tokens bring your Virtual Tabletop games to life with his stylized creations. Each token is hand drawn and colored by Devin. They are saved as.PNG files with soft shadows. This Token Pack contains an assortment of Random Monsters from the D20 SRD 56 total tokens • 5 purple worms in a variety of sizes and a variant of just the head erupting from the ground; a metallic version that can be used as a construct • 2 behirs • 4 Shambling mounds (2 dormant and2 attacking) • 12 total Slimes (3 unique shapes with multiple variants of each) • 2 gelatinous cubes • 9 Spider variants • 3 webbed victims • 2 owl bears • 3 Basilisks • 4 Gricks • 2 rust monsters • 3 carrion crawlers • a cockatrice • 4 ankhegs (2 surfacing and 2 fully surfaced) A preview image can be seen by following the link to this products website. Note the preview is at a reduced size without proper scaling and contains a watermark background. The token pack you get will have transparent backgrounds and will be scaled with all of Devins other token packs.

  • Model: TP5DME
  • Manufactured by: Four Ugly Monsters

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