Office Dodger


Not everyone in the office works all the time. Constant temptations arise to bother other co-workers with business-related matters, sit around the coffee machine chatting, or simply fritter away time taking care of personal e-mails and surfing the internet.

In Office Dodger each player is a white-collar worker at a large corporation. They decide how to spend their time -- working, slacking, chatting, or pestering others -- all while avoiding the attentions of the boss and trying to accumulate Dodger Points.

Each turn players place a card face-down that represents their activity that turn: work, pester, chat, or slack. But the boss can unexpectedly arrive in their cubicle and foil their plans. Revealing cards garners some players Dodger Points, while others adversely affect their co-workers' activities. This cutthroat bluffing game is perfect for a quick diversion or an entire evening's play.

Besides the rules and cards you can download and print, you'll also need a six-sided die, a generic pawn to represent the boss, and counters to keep track of each player's accumulated Dodger Points.

A bluffing card game designed by Peter Schweighofer for four or more players.

What did the playtesters say about Office Dodger?

"Pretty ****ing funny!"  -- Wayne Whitlock

"Far too simple a game to be this entertaining.  Excellent!"  -- Matt Kirk

"Dan, your boss almost won by working."  -- Kris Shindler

Interested in trying out the basic mechanic in Office Dodger? Download Puritan Bobber, a free blasphemous bluffing game of sermons, sin, and snoozing.

  • Model: GPS002OD
  • Manufactured by: Griffon Publishing Studio

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