Puritan Bobber

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“Some temptations come to the industrious, but all temptations attack the idle.”

-- C.H. Spurgeon

In Puritan churches the “bobber” was an unfortunate soul charged with patrolling the congregation, poking anyone who was obviously dozing off with a long pole with a cloth-padded end. Sometimes the offender switched places with the bobber, redeeming himself by shuffling endlessly around the meeting house in search of other lax Puritans.

In Puritan Bobber, six or more players attempt to survive through a marathon fire-and-brimstone sermon while getting away with as much lax behavior as possible. They play cards representing their actions -- Listening Attentively, Dozing, Sleeping, or entertaining Impure Thoughts -- hoping the one player stuck as the “bobber” doesn’t pick them to reveal their activities.

A bluffing card game designed by Peter Schweighofer for six or more players.

If you enjoy this free card game, try its more complex cousin, Office Dodger.

  • Model: GPSF03PB
  • Manufactured by: Griffon Publishing Studio

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