Day of Dr Null


The warehouse shadows can't hide the brilliant green light radiating from the newcomer's hands. "You said you had a way to cure me Null, make it so I could touch things like a normal man."

"Oh yes indeed, exactly that." At the flick of a switch a force field springs up, imprisoning the surprised Neutron Fist.

"A double-cross? You're not as smart as you think Null if you expect this to hold me for long."

"No, I don't believe it will. But I don't need very long." The computer screens light up with spectrographic scans of the Fist. "Amazing. Your body has been super-saturated with almost limitless energy. It's wasted on you, but that's an injustice I intend to remedy."

"You wish to have a normal body again? Very well, you can have mine. A simple enough matter to transfer my consciousness into your body and vice-versa. With my immeasurable intellect in your omnipotent body, I will crush the world beneath my heel! You should thank me."

Day of Dr Null is the third Second Edition M&M Superlink adventure from Lame Mage Productions. Like all our releases it has been carefully playtested and focuses on being run, not just read.

Includes our new Battle Tracker to make running city-wide mayhem a breeze, plus all the old Lame Mage favorites: heroic Action Shticks, outlined Revelations, Fast Reference Sheets, Silent Sound Effects and punched out dramatic moments, and a horde of GM Craft tips to give you an edge at the table.

You can also download the free prequel, Dr Null: Battle on the Bay Bridge and run a Dr Null mini-campaign.

  • Model: LAM0030
  • Manufactured by: Lame Mage Productions

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