Zodiac Ring


Alice Danvers sighed as she examined the haphazard stacks of library books around her. It was going to take her all night to sort this out, but at least someday all her hard work would be appreciated.

A white flash filled the gloomy aisle. Alice turned, shocked, and stared at the strange figures that had appeared. "What... what are you... you're not allowed in here!"

The nearest figure chuckled as he raised a flat metal ring. "Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit." Then silver fire engulfed her, and Alice Danvers was no more.

Zodiac Ring is an adventure for M&M Superlink Second Edition. A cosmic artifact is transforming people into living avatars of the Zodiac, changing their lives forever and paving the way for a celestial prophecy.

  • 12 complete character write-ups, including detailed tactics for Second Edition M&M
  • Seven main action scenes, with alternate game outlines to let you run anything from a mini-campaign to an action-packed stand-alone game
  • Clearly outlined plot Revelations (and Red Herrings) to make it easier for you to guide the flow of the game
  • Specific action Shticks in each scene to help you bring out classic dramatic moments and make fights more than just slugfests
  • Hooks for customizing the scenario to fit your players and draw them into the action

At Lame Mage Productions our philosophy is: playing more games = good. Our goal is to provide quality gaming material that you will want to play and present it in a format that focuses on running the game. Our material is carefully reviewed and playtested before release - Zodiac Ring was tested by multiple GMs and over a dozen players. We try to give GMs the necessary tools to run the best game possible.

  • Model: LAM0010
  • Manufactured by: Lame Mage Productions

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