Lines of Legend: Winter Elves


Traveling through the Frozen Lands, only death and corruption await!

Welcome to the first release of the Lines of Legend! With this series we aim into creating some interesting twists of the traditional fantasy races, with new rules and a lot of flavor to go together. Standard elves, orcs, dwarves and gnomes have lost their appeal? Well, expect them to regain it through the sub-races presented in the pages of the Lines of Legend sourcebooks.

Lines of Legend: Winter Elves presents to you the Wayjik, a sub-race of elves that once fought evil relentlessly, but lost everything in the lands of ice, including control over their own destinies, as well as their previous sense of righteousness. Tired of the same old drows? With this 45-page PDF, the Wayjik clan is yours! Inside, you'll find:

- A complete description of the winter elves, and their role in the campaign.
- Game stats for creation of a winter elf character.
- The history of the Wayjik Clan and their descent into wickedness.
- New feats and prestige classes for winter elves and characters of cold lands.
- Sample encounters and adventure hooks featuring NPC winter elves.
- New spells and magic items best suited for winter elf characters.

  • Model: SEG_003
  • Manufactured by: Secular Games

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