Fantasy Player's Companion: Higher Level Feats


One of the most common complaints about the feat-heavy fighter class in particular, and warrior classes in general, is that there are too few feats specifically designed for high-level characters. While there are any number of expansive feat chains, most of these can be completed at lower-middle (for fighters) to middle levels (barbarians, rangers, monks, and paladins) of play, forcing the player to either choose sub-optimal feats for his character, or in the case of fighters specifically, to begin pursuing a second feat chain ? this latter choice, especially, can have the unfortunate result of diluting a character?s concept, so that a mounted, lance bearing knight also ends up becoming an archer extraordinaire, for example.

With this 7-page collection of feats, Patrick Younts hopes to change that. The new feats introduced here are intended primarily for higher level characters, and are designed to continue the progression of existing feat chains, to build upon the more powerful class abilities warrior characters possess, or add new abilities which high level warriors might find not only very useful, but widely applicable to warriors of all concepts.

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