The Seven Saxons


The Seven Saxons

A d20/Grim Tales fantasy adventure for 10th-12th level PCs.

The salt-slick dragon-prow of your longship cleaves the pounding surf and bears down on the sleepy seaside village. Yet the blackness behind the firelight hides things more wicked than seaborne raiders. Savage picts, bloodthirsty druids, and vicious giants are just a taste of the danger that awaits the iron-thewed heroes who sail north in search of adventure.

The Seven Saxons is a fantasy adventure suitable for 4-6 characters of 10th-12th level. Wits and daring are the meat and drink of the tale, and characters will be judged by their talents rather than their equipment. Designed for use with Grim Tales-- the original grim and grity, low-magic d20 system-- this adventure is easily adapted to other d20 systems.

This PDF includes 20 pages of adventure suitable for an evening or afternoon of play, and 14 pages detailing Seven Saxon raiders you can use to get right into the action.

  • Model: BA05203
  • Manufactured by: Bad Axe Games

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