VBAM: The Starmada Edition


by Jay Waschak

Victory by Any Means™: The Starmada™ Edition combines two of the most flexible space gaming systems of our day. This book provides the rules links you need to play a campaign using a combination of both Starmada: The Universal Game of Starship Combat and Victory by Any Means (VBAM).

VBAM: Starmada includes:

  • A comprehensive method for converting Starmada ship designs to the VBAM campaign system;
  • Over 125 new starship designs, taken from The Wars of the Boltians and Kuissians VBAM sourcebook and converted for use in Starmada;
  • Extensive technology rules, building upon those already provided in VBAM and Starmada;
  • 10 sheets of counters representing the forces of the Boltian Star League, the Kuissian Empire, and the Terran Union;
  • New optional rules for Starmada, including notable starship crews, sensors, and specialized defenses;
...and much more!

VBAM: Starmada is not a stand-alone product; ownership of both Starmada X and the VBAM Campaign Guide is required. Possession of The Wars of the Boltians and Kuissians sourcebook is also recommended.

"Victory by Any Means", "VBAM", and the VBAM logo are trademarks of Victory by Any Means Games and are used by permission.

  • Model: MJG-0113
  • Manufactured by: Majestic Twelve Games

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