Legends Walk!


Protecting the weak and saving the world can be a dangerous job.

That's why you want the power of Zeus, Loki or Cúchulainn.

Legends Walk! is a modern day superhero game, with many of the comic conventions: heroes, villains, weird science and magic. There's one big twist: people get their powers from the gods, heroes and monsters of myth and legend.

Now in 2nd edition - with a total layout overhaul, tuned up and reorganised rules, a greater role for personality traits, expanded key powers list and guidelines for using the game for other settings and styles.

It uses our own LODE system. Character creation and play are simple, quick and flexible - no complicated maths. Powers are bought from a "shopping list" for your chosen Source, and the book includes the Greek, Norse and Celtic pantheons. It also has an outline background for a near-future Earth affected profoundly by the presence of mythically-powered metahumans.

Feedback on 1st edition LW:

"...chargen took a new group of players about 30 minutes, most of which was trying to decide which combination of Sources to have in one group would be the coolest. This, compared to the games listed above, is ridiculously fast. ... All in all, I give this game high marks. It's cheap, it's expansive, it's not a game to leave you hanging on the rules ("Oh, just resole it yourself!"), gives you a campaign world and a very cool take on superheroes. It is also very clearly written, features a core rule system that is easy to grasp, and character generation doesn't take more than an hour unlike most of my other games."
Andy Kitkowski, RPGnet

"If you're a big fan of both mythology and superheroes; enjoy rulesets that are on the 'light' side but still desire some crunchy rigor; and can buy into the central conceit -- buy this book."
Chad Underkoffler

Written and designed by Tim Gray
194 pages

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  • Model: SBGLW001
  • Manufactured by: Silver Branch Games

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