Dungeon Dive 7: Spawning Pits of the Tomb Bats


Dungeon Dive 7: Spawning Pits of the Tomb Bats details a foul laboratory where the vile Tomb Bats are created. These small creatures fly out into the world and animate dead in cemeteries and on battlefields. If your antagonist is a necromancer, or is working with necromantic magic and the undead, then this asset is an easy fit with your campaign.

The innovative Dungeon Dive series presents pre-populated adventure locations that are easily scalable for multiple levels. These locations include monsters, traps, hazards, and treasure with options for Low, Medium, and High level parties. They are designed to be easily dropped into any plot line and to be ready to run at an instant - all that the GM needs to provide is the primary antagonist.

This entry in the series is appropriate for adventuring parties of 3rd to 11th level.

  • Model: AMA1007A
  • Manufactured by: Amalara

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