Far Shore Planetary Supplement


Far Shore by Daniel Potter for StarCluster 2E

Its an old story. Two cultures war, one culture creates an ultimate weapon, weapon blows up in everybodys face.>

-Xie Di, SaVaHuTa consultant on Far Shore affairs

Far Shore was settled by two xenophobic cults - the fanatic Neo-Japanese under their cloned Emperor, and the world-shunning ultra-religious Votom, who interact through teleoperated drones to remove the temptation to sin.

A war that would last centuries erupted almost from the time they arrived in the Shore system, fought in the equaorial jungle that covered the continent between them. Then the Neo-Japanese played with fire.

They uplifted tigers and cougars, and bred them to be the ultimate warriors, so their young men would not have to die in the jungle. The uplifts planned in secret, and one day took control of the Neo-Japanese Emperor, made peace with the Votom, and called in SaVaHuTa to establish a protectorate over the planet.

Now the three cultures have to deal with each other on a war-torn planet, whose industries, geared for everlasting war, are finding it hard to deal with peace.

  • Model: FM 050
  • Manufactured by: Better Mousetrap Games

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