OGL Barbarian: The Barbaric Sorcerer


Illustrators: Gary Dupuis and Shawn Richter
Pages: 56

Is your game barbaric enough? Are the sorcerers in your barbaric campaign making the most of their abilities? Do the various Rules of Sorcery feel like they are missing that personal touch? Do you wonder what happened to all those arcane sites of the old, forgotten world? If so, the OGL Barbarian System: The Barbaric Sorcerer is the PDF for you!

Here is what you will find within:
  • Over 20 new feats to help your characters tweak their sorcery
  • Introducing Sorcerous Maneuvers -- techniques that resemble Combat Maneuvers except they utilize magic.
  • 7 new prestige classes: the blood theurgist (enhanced power through self-mutilation), the Child of Set (born of Set's mortal influence), the geomancer (master builder of sorcerous locations), the purifier (hunter of sorcerers), the runecaster (able to use runes to alter sorcery's effects), the tattooed mystic (stores spells in skin art for later use), and the witch doctor (primitive totem sorcerer)
  • A new Sorcery Style only available to the blood theurgist PRC: Blood Witchery
  • Over 20 new spells
  • Rules on natural and manmade Places of Power, sites that tap into the universe's magic. Includes rules on how to access and employ the power within these sites, as well as rules on how to build your own. Includes 4 sample Places of Power for immediate use in your game.
  • New sorcerous societies, the Brotherhood of Atlantis, Bloodletters, and the Sacred Order of Builders
  • New sorcerous items, including 2 new types of lotus and rules on a how a spell focus can become enchanted accidentally through its use.

Note: The Child of Set is available as a Sampler product.

When the time comes to call upon the gods to count the dead, will you be ready? Will your sword be sharp enough, your wits keen enough, and your legs swift enough to outrun Hell itself if need be? If your brow is troubled, perhaps you had best have a look at a product using the OGL Barbarian System.

Misfit Studios' OGL Barbarian products prepare your character to survive an Age of Ancient Wonders and Fated Dangers. Designed for use with a popular Open Game License barbaric rule system, OGL Barbarian products seamlessly fit into a world born from Atlantis? ashes.

When you hear the call for blood, how barbaric will your answer be?

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