OGL Barbarian: The Deep Wilder (Sampler)

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Author: Steven Trustrum
Illustrator: Shawn Richter

For some, the foulness and corruption of civilization becomes too much to bear. Even the frontier borderlands the larger cities consider to be little more than trading posts are too much for such men and women. To such people, escaping into the deep wilds where they can live as savages is their only recourse.

The deep wilder is a prestige class for use with the OGL Barbarian System. This PrC is tailored for wilderness adventures, centering on abilities that are heavily reliant upon a Favored Terrain.

When the time comes to call upon the gods to count the dead, will you be ready? Will your sword be sharp enough, your wits keen enough, and your legs swift enough to outrun Hell itself if need be? If your brow is troubled, perhaps you had best have a look at a product using the OGL Barbarian System.

Misfit Studios' OGL Barbarian products prepare your character to survive an Age of Ancient Wonders and Fated Dangers. Designed for use with a popular Open Game License barbaric rule system, OGL Barbarian products seamlessly fit into a world born from Atlantis? ashes.

When you hear the call for blood, how barbaric will your answer be?

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  • Model: MIS1004
  • Manufactured by: Misfit Studios

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