Dog Star - Torken's Rift


On a quiet, backwater planet, danger lurks beneath the surface.

Torkenís Rift is a frontier world with many secrets. It lies a respectable distance away from more civilized worlds, close enough to be within reach, but remote enough to be considered to on the rim of controlled space.

It has a long-established penal colony, host to prisoners that other societies have relinquished responsibility for. It also has a bustling new farming settlement, one which has been providing much-needed foodstuffs for spacers and Dog Star teams across a thousand systems.

Beneath these two hives of activity, an indigenous race goes about its business, content to ignore the interlopers, unless something happens to change the status quo.

Set in the far future following the sudden explosion of humanity into the stars that was the Human Diaspora, Torken's Rift is taken from the log books and personal annotations of an Explorator Team sent out by the powerful Sirius Corporation in its never ending quest for knowledge.

Dog Soul's Dog Star line is a series of sourcebooks for futuristic d20 Modern GM's and players. Each book presents its subjects - planets, moons, alien races and creatures, interstellar empires and corporations - in a manner free of setting restrictions. These books are bound together by the theme of the Human Diaspora and the search to find the far-flung colonies of humanity. This thematic connection helps GMs facilitate incorporating the book, in whole or in part, into their own campaigns.

  • Model: DGS376
  • Manufactured by: Dog Soul

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