Betmal-Gate of Trishula


Betmal – the afterlife, the most sought-after and feared place known to those on Earth. The way to get there is easier than you think…all you have to do is die.

Betmal, Game of Souls is the game of the afterlife. It is a place where the souls of those who live life in The Game return once their turn is done. It is also the place where those same souls live between sessions in The Game. It is a world of potential and will, a place where anything and everything is possible if one has the time and the willpower to see it through to completion.

The Gate of Trishula introduces the new 4-Point System method of gaming in a comprehensive primer that covers combat, effigia, an explanation of a starting character and rules for healing. In addition, the first four major castes are introduced:

The Azazim, the warrior-soul who uses the power of his own will to subdue his enemies.
The Anchorite, the hermit who through meditation and self-reflection builds the strongest armor of all – his own disbelief in others’ power.
The Effigiati, the architect of all of Betmal’s dreams and nightmares.
The Sekretu, the manipulator of sensation, the snake-charmer of emotion and longing.

The Gate of Trishula places four starting pre-generated characters into the following scenario:
The Shon gypsies of Sahana Karana have held their vast territory for ages. Now the Despicio have come and taken half of the land for themselves, including the Gate of Trishula, a returning-place for souls coming home from the Game. It was difficult enough to watch so many comrades get taken by the Despicio and enslaved by them, but now one of their closest friends has been captured, and put to work in the nearby clockwork city, Zeitheim. If the characters don’t retrieve Aaron soon enough he may be reduced to raw quintessence in one of the horrible ergastulums.

The full bookmarked 162-page pdf includes a text-only rules primer, character sheets, full-color maps, plain hex grid for printing and an excerpt from the fictional piece, Blur of Shadows.

  • Model: DS100
  • Manufactured by: Dog Soul

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