Strange Places: The Hive of the Sleeping Queen


The Hive of the Sleeping Queen

The queen sleeps; her babies feed. High in the hills, a Jarum hive is guarded by a skeleton crew of warrior maidens.

Five rooms comprise this hive, connected by passageways, riddled with mystery and potential harm.

In addition to five new maps (for both the GM and the players), The Hive of the Sleeping Queen introduces a new race, the jarum - stinging insects with the ability to build extraordinary structures.

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Game Masters have the world on their shoulders. Literally.

While their players each have only a single character to portray, the GM must provide plot and personality for practically everyone else. And then there are the times when the players choose to go completely off topic. And the GM must carry on as if nothing is wrong, as if he has planned for every contingency.

In other words, he has to wing it.

Strange Places is meant as a tool to help busy GMs. The books - centered around intriguing, gridded maps - present unique and often bizarre snapshots of locales and odd places. These areas are provided with suggested background and description, but the GM is free as always to alter anything and everything to suit her purposes. The beautiful full-color maps have a 1” grid for use with miniatures are provided for each location. Blank versions of the maps are included for the GM's convenience.

Whether used as a last minute fill in the blank, or as the inspiration for a full blown adventure, Strange Places will become a tool usable by every GM, no matter the game system.*

*Game mechanics provided use the d20 system, but the product is just as useful in any system.

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