Lords of the Peaks: The Essential Guide to Giants


Titans of the Battlefield!

Lords of the Peaks is the first of
Paradigm Concepts' Races of Legend sourcebooks. Designed as a Game Master's toolkit, Lords of the Peaks delves deeply into the culture and myth of severn distinct Giant types. Challenge your players with new twists to old opponents or pit them against new and terrible foes. Go far beyond the basic details of existing monster entries with: Lords of the Peaks!

So many feats and skills that it would take a Giant to shake a stick at them!
New prestige classes including the Terramancer, the Reaver of Wyrms, and the Giant-Slayer
New Spells and Clerical domains
New magical items to augment your Giant NPCs
Rules for creating your own new and unique Giants
New NPCs of each of the Giant subtypes
And a new "Epic" opponent for your very high level campaign, the Celestial Giants!

Lords of the Peaks was first published in 2002 and is adapted from the original layout files rather than being scanned.
It is fully bookmarked.

GMs looking to add a lot more detail to their giants...will love this book for its intelligent ideas. GMs looking to kick the snot out of a group of 25th level players will use Lords of the Peaks to whip up a half-celestial giant/half-red dragon with 10 levels of Psion and lots of unique Feats. That alone is worth the price of admission. - Joe Kushner www.ogrecave.com

  • Model: PCI 1105
  • Manufactured by: Paradigm Concepts

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