Legacy of Damnation


Legacy of Damnation, the second book in our Empires of Onara series, details the inhabitants of the Sealed Lands.

For more than ten centuries, the men of the sealed lands have lived either crushed by the tyranny of infernal masters or in constant war with demonic hordes. That time, the twilight of the Time of Terror, a tremendous mountain range erupted from the earth and trapped the hordes of Hell. On that day the God Illiir chose his val'Assante children and their fledgling empire above all others.

Now the covenant forged between the First Emperor of Coryan and the God Illiir has been broken and the wall is impassible no more. Once again the hordes of hell and their descendants are free to roam the world of men. But the greatest risk to Illiir's children may not lie with the armies of the Infernal, but with those men forsaken that day when an Emperor died and an Empire was born.

Within this tome one will find:
A detailed history of the sealed lands
New Rules for Dark Kin and other Tainted Characters including:
New Dark Kin Racial Variants
New Infernal Races, including the descendents of Demon Princes and Dukes of Hell
New Feats
New Classes
New Equipment
New Monsters

Legacy of Damnation first appeared in print in June 2005.
This PDF is fully bookmarked and was made from the original layout files instead of being scanned.

"For those wishing to create complex heroes driven by their own tainted soul, or those who wish adversaries all the more evil and powerful, this is the perfect sourcebook for you."
GTseng3 on ENWorld

  • Model: PCI 1108
  • Manufactured by: Paradigm Concepts

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