Dr Null: Battle on the Bay Bridge

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"This is Chip Chopper, high in the sky in the Channel Four Action News Copter!"

"There's a swarm of... what look like bugs, big metal bugs, crawling up out of the bay. Each one is as big as a car. They climbed right up the bridge tower, and now they're spread out across the road, right in the middle of traffic. All lanes have screeched to a halt, and there are collisions and fender-benders everywhere!"

"I can see something else moving down there, something bigger than the bugs... (Get me a close-up Fred!) ... It's striding among the smashed cars, now it's stepping right over a jack-knifed truck. It's big all right! It's got long legs, and some kind of transparent dome at the top. I can see someone inside! Someone at the controls of that thing..."

Dr Null: Battle on the Bay Bridge is a short stand-alone scenario for M&M Superlink, Second Edition. It introduces the nefarious Dr Null, who returns in Day of Dr Null, Death of Dr Null, and Like Father, Like Son (Trial of Dr Null).

Includes experimental innovations that focus on how the game plays out at the table: Action Shticks to increase dramatic heroic moments, maps with annotated game statistics for easy references during play, Silent Sound Effects to bring power descriptions to life, and a GM fast reference sheet with critical info all in one place so you don't have to shuffle too many pages behind the screen.

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  • Model: LAM0020
  • Manufactured by: Lame Mage Productions

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