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In the world of Roma Imperious the Roman Empire has discovered, developed and uses magic. They are not the only ones though, the Chinese, called the Jade Empire, have refined the art of alchemy. The Skandians to the north have Odin, Thor and the other gods living amongst them. Over all of them the Kingdom of the Black Wizards, the Kingdom of Alkasas, is ruled by the gods in the northern bounds of Asia. Rome stands against the Alkasatians while expanding there borders north and east. More that a book about Rome, this is a book about the Roman Empire, their enemies and their allies.

Roma Imperious is a complete role-playing book using the Iridium System.? It is 336 pages but split into setting and rules system. There is 190 pages of setting including information on Roma, detailed maps and information of provincia, Skandia, the Jade Empire, Alkasas, friends and foes, classes, templates and much more. The Iridium System section is? over 130 pages and covers character generation, weapons and equipment, magic items, and skills. Also included in the file is a complete character sheet and map of the Empire.

Stop by the Roma Imperious Website for free downloads, previews and web based tools like the CHARGen character generator, storage and update system. The CHARGen is a free tool meant to help GMs and Player learn the Iridium System, store them and update them once you receive experience. All this from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Here is a review at RPG.Net of the in print book.

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  • Over 190 pages of setting.
  • Over 130 pages of system rules.
  • Map of the Roman Empire as it stands 1461 A.U.C.
  • Fully indexed, cross-referenced with a table of contents. All hyperlinked.
  • Detailed setting of the Roman Empire and beyond.

New Review! 9 out of 10 on RPGBlog!

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