DOGS DO - A Game of Biological Warfare


The only game where you get to wee all over the board!

?He Who Dares, Wees? - SAS (Dog unit) motto

Imagine you are a dog. You've got a nice big lawn to play on. You have some sausages to eat, and a bone to chew on. You have even picked out a couple of comfy spots where the grass is a bit longer. Perhaps after lunch you might take a little nap.

It's great being a dog!

Now imagine there are other dogs sniffing about on your lawn. It looks like these dogs might want to muscle in on your territory. Oh No! Now one has sat down in one of your comfy spots! This is war. But how on earth could you, a humble dog, show the intruders that this lawn is yours, and yours alone?

Dogs Do is a simple and fun board game for 2 ? 4 players, each taking the role of a dog trying to claim the lawn for themselves. Each dog has a supply of bones, sausages and comfy spots, which must be placed on the lawn in order to score points. Each dog also has a supply of wee with which to mark their territory. When you run out of lawn, or wee, the game is over, and the dog who has the most bones, sausages and comfy spots marked by their wee wins the game, and ownership of the lawn.

All bones, sausages and comfy spots you place on the board are up for grabs by any dog, and through clever deployment of wee you can keep the other dogs away from yours, and even steal theirs from under their sensitive doggy noses! If things get desperate, you have reinforcements in the form of a local cat, which has such a pungent and distracting smell that it can render areas of the lawn completely inaccessible to the dogs.

While it takes just minutes to learn the rules, the strategy lies in the choices available at each turn: is it best to strengthen your own position or weaken your opponents? territory? Should you mark out an area and place your bones and sausages in it or try to protect your belongings once they are out in play? Your stuff is easier to protect if you keep it close together, but if a cat comes along you could lose it all.

Each player will learn new tactics and you will have to constantly react to developments on the lawn at the same time as developing your own position. In the end, only one dog will have its day.

?Veni, Vidi, WeeWee!? ? Gaius Julius Caesar?s Dog, Smellium Breathius

Players: 2 ? 4
Time: 30 ? 40 minutes
Ages: 8+

  • Model: CSRC002
  • Manufactured by: ComStar Media

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