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T I M E F O R W A R !
If you love wargaming, you know how expensive the hobby can be. Miniatures do not come cheap, and even when you collect enough to muster a sizeable army you face the daunting task of painting each individual figure.

But with Pulp Miniatures it's never been easier, quicker or cheaper to collect a huge army of wargame figures at a fraction of the price.

Pulp Miniatures brings you a new concept in print and assemble cardstock modelling. Boost the units of your metal miniatures with vast hordes of cardstock orc, elf, goblin and human. There are no limits to the number of figures you can make. Each Pulp file contains everything you need to produce rank after rank of battle-ready figures, each modelled to the industry standard base size of 1x1 inch and compatible with the rest of your miniature collection.

The world of men; a threatened nation, whose people cower from the evils of these dark times, but whose warriors are among the roughest and toughest in all the realm. With gleaming armour and flowing cloaks of deepest green, the vangard platoon march with stalwart determination into unknown territory, ready to pave the way for cavalry and machinations of war. They are adept in the art of the quick skirmish, rallying quickly and professionally into complex formations in order to see off ambushing enemies and opposing units. They may not be the smartest, or the fastest, but what they lack in tactical intellect they make up for with sheer grit. These are the grunts of the world of men: and they've come here expecting one helluva fight.

We would like to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions regarding the beta version Orc Horde released last year (2006). We feel we have addressed most, if not all of the issues raised. We intend to release further models on a regular basis from this point on. If you would like to be updated on new releases, visit our homepage and subscribe to our newsletter (use the link below)

Less fiddly: easier to assemble, one/two or three piece models.
Minimal sticking: only shields and optional weapons need sticking. Models can be assembled without glue or sticky tape.
Higher resolution/better art: artist Peter Szabo Gabor will be working on the majority of the new Pulp Miniature ranges and we will be providing hi-res versions of each model so buyers can print to their own preferred scale.
More minis per sheet: if you use our low res pre-scaled minis in this pdf you can print five miniatures per sheet.
Quicker Assembly: In our tests we managed to assemble all five minis in a record time of five minutes. That's one mini per minute! See if you can do better!
Sturdier: the new models are much stronger than before and can even be printed onto paper!
Better assembly instructions: greater detail and clearer explanations.

We are eager to see all you Pulpers in action. Visit our website and use the contact page to send us your digital pictures. We will post any good battlefield pics on our website. We would also like to see any modified figures you guys have assembled.

  • Manufactured by: Forever People Games & RPG

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