Rolemaster Rome Paper Miniature Set


Our 100th set of paper miniatures is a licensed release based on the Rolemaster Rome campaign setting, and contains nearly 130 individual figures! All of the training packages are represented here as both male and female characters (where appropriate) as well as mounted figures and all of the new monsters. This set will bring your Rolemaster Rome game to vibrant life!
Of course, this set will also be perfect for any historical or pseudo-historical game set in Rome or the Roman Empire.

Go, see and conquer!

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The full colour miniatures are supplied in two formats and can be assembled as flat, A-frame or triagonal miniatures depending on personal choice. The images are all high-quality computer generated figures and bring an extra level of realism to the gaming table.
This set is also offered as an optional Powerpoint file version, to allow the easy creation of custom sheets. (Warning: The Powerpoint file is more than 80MB in size!)

In this set:
(Male and female figures are both supplied where appropriate)

2x Actors
2x Aesclepians
2x Animal Handlers
2x Artists
1x Auxiliary Archer
1x Auxiliary Cavalryman
1x Auxiliary Legionary
1x Auxiliary Scout
2x Brothel Keepers
1x Legionary Centurion
2x Charioteers
2x Clerks
2x Curse Sellers
2x Detectives
2x Druids
2x Engineers
2x Ereptor
2x Farm Slaves
2x Farmers
2x Furunculus
1x Galley Slave
2x Gallic Warriors
13x Gladiators
2x Goetia
2x Guards
2x Herbalists
1x Hoplite
2x Horse Traders
2x House Slaves
2x Hunters
2x Innkeepers
2x Knifemen
2x Lawyers
1x Legionary Legate
1x Legionary
1x Legionary Officer
1x Lictor
2x Magistrates (Patrician and Tribune)
1x Marine
2x Merchants
2x Musicians
2x Physicians
2x Poets
2x Praestigiae
1x Praetorian Guard
2x Priests (Augeres and Pontificum)
2x Prostitutes
2x Sailors
2x Slave Traders
2x Teachers
2x Thieves
2x Thugs
2x Topiarii
2x Torturers
2x Tradesmen
1x Urbanus
2x Vates
1x Vestal Virgin

1x Mounted Auxiliary Cavalryman
1x Mounted Equites Gladiator
2x Mounted Horse Traders
1x Mounted Legionary Legate
1x Mounted Scout

1x Charontes
1x Culsu
1x Faun
1x Genius Loci
1x Manes
1x Mormolyce
1x Tuchulcha
1x Vanth

20 page pdf (18 pages of figures)

  • Model: ARG100
  • Manufactured by: Arion Games

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