Doktor Zeus' Funky Cardboard Dice 2


The Funkiest, Chunkiest Cardboard Dice Are Back!

Following the success of the previous edition of Doktor Zeus' Carboard Dice, we got to thinking: why stop at the standard? Sure, there might be people out there who can't get their hands on even the humble D4, but there are much rarer dice that are far more difficult to get hold of. What if somebody actually needs a D7? Aren't hit location dice so much more useful than having to refer to a table of results? Well, fret no more! Doktor Zeus' Funky Cardboard dice are back, and they've mutated!

o More than 50 different dice in 16 different polyhedral shapes.
o Variants of many common die types, such as the Dodecahedral D4.
o Three different designs: Blue, Gold and Starburst.
o A plain set to decorate yourself, or print onto fancy card.

This set includes a multitude of die types, including D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10, D12, D14, D16, D18, D20, D24 and D30, hit location dice for humanoids, quadrupeds and dragon-like creatures, FUDGE dice, weather dice, fantasy character naming dice (usable for male and female characters), and enough different styles of ten-sided die to go as high as a D1,000,000! Never wonder about whether your hero can make that million-to-one chance ever again!

Save on card - this product is formatted to quarter letter size, and includes instructions on how to print any four dice of the same style on a single letter or A4 sized piece of cardstock. Print only the dice you want, and leave the rest on your computer for later.

(Note: although this product contains a true five, seven and nine sided die, and though these have been tested for randomness, they aren't regular polyhedra and some gamers may consider them not truly random. For your convenience however, prismatic versions of all three are also included which are easily as random as a d10. All other dice are regular polyhedra.)

  • Model: SSS1000
  • Manufactured by: Sane Studios

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