Dept. 7 Technology Update: Cybernetics


Bullet proof ceramic-composite skin. Camera lens eyes that can pick out facial details from 10 miles away. Piloting links that merge driver and vehicle into a single bioŚmechanical organisms of incredible efficiency. Musclegroup stimulators that increase strength and speed. Sexual implants that open the host to an incredible new world of pleasure. Who wouldnĺt want to be a cyborg?

Want your character to be more machine than human, a product of cutting edge science and advanced electronics? Using these rules, game masters can create cybernetics suitable for all campaigns and technology levels, including cybernetics powered by magic and faith rather than conventional fuels. The following cybernetics rules modify the rules for cybernetics listed in chapter 11 of the D20 Future core rulebook.

  • Model: SUS-4404
  • Manufactured by: Skortched Urf' Studios

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