Future Soldier: Operation Tunnel RAT


Listen up soldier!

You are hereby conscripted into a RAT - a Rapid Action Team - for immediate deployment into the depths of Delphin Mining facility YS-11. All contact has been lost with the facility and hostile conditions are to be expected. Good luck - you're gonna need it!

Operation Tunnel RAT is a futuristic d20 adventure taking a group of 1st to 3rd level PCs into the bowels of a forboding asteroid mine to uncover the fate of the missing miners.

Operation Tunnel RAT contains everything you need to run the adventure, including advice for scaling the adventure to higher levels or for running it with different progress levels, as well as over half a dozen new robot foes to menace your players.

Inside this 20 page book you will find:

  • A complete adventure for 1st to 3rd level PCs.
  • Advice for scaling the adventure to higher levels or any progress levels, even modern day.
  • Maps for the entire facility
  • d20 stats for 7 new robots and 1 new genetically modified creature.
  • Rules for insanity

  • Model: SPP011
  • Manufactured by: SteamPower Publishing

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