Future Soldier: Scattered Drop


Listen up soldier!

You ever been hot dropped from orbit onto a planet's surface, with nothing but your gun and your fellow marines for company? No? Well now's your chance! Suit up, strap in and hold tight, you're in for one rough ride!

Scattered Drop is a mini-campaign following the fortunes of a group of marines as they take part in the infamous invasion of 12 Opiuchi, an invasion that goes horribly wrong thanks to an inept commander, corrupt corporations and cunning foes!

Scattered Drop contains everything you need to run the campaign at any level, as well as containing plenty of new futuristic d20 equipment, vehicles and a new advanced class, making it indispensable for GM and player alike!

Inside this 21 page book you will find:

  • 4 linked missions, forming the invasion of 12 Opiuchi campaign.
  • Details on the Congress Universe campaign setting - a space opera setting that provides the perfect backdrop to the campaign.
  • A new alien foe to fight - the otter-like Fassdosi.
  • New gear, including the Military Hard Suit, perfect for fighting in the vacuum of space.
  • New vehicles and spaceships including the staple of planetary invasions, the Drop Pod, and the Myollaa light mecha.
  • A new advanced class, the Navy Special Operations Support Soldier, a military hacker.

  • Model: SPP008
  • Manufactured by: SteamPower Publishing

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