Future: Starship 4


This is the largest ship design yet! The first light starship designed and released by Ronin Arts, the Livingstone is presented in a 12-page PDF written by Michael Hammes. The ship is so large that it's about to burst out of the cover!

Including information so that a GM can use the Livingstone as a colony ship, a hospital ship, a morgue ship, a prison transport, or a specimen transport, this massive starship is easily adapted to almost any futuristic campaign. Additionally, D20 System rules for cryonics -- including possible side-effects of being frozen in a cryonics chamber -- are also included.

Includes a top view illustration, silhouette, and two pages of deck plans -- the forward and rear sections of the ship each cover a page.

This starship can be designed for use with miniatures using SkeletonKey Games' e-Future Tiles: Star Hunter, e-Future Tiles: Star Patrol, and e-Future Tiles: Star Freighter. NOTE: This starship PDF does not include any tiles.

  • Model: PJR163
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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