Future: 13 Starship Cargos


The life of a smuggler or freetrader revolves around moving cargo -- either legal or illegal -- between systems. All but the wealthiest of starship captains are constantly on the lookout for their next lucrative load of cargo.

Future: 13 Starship Cargos features two PL 6 cargos, nine PL 7 cargos, and two PL 8 cargos for use with the official future SRD. Ranging from missiles to a new, terrible xenobiological hazard, these cargos are written to be used as straightforward materialistic items or, in some cases, as adventure ideas.

Also includes a new mecha design, a xenomorph from a previous open game content source, two new pieces of mecha equipment, a new gene therapy template, and a new piece of personal equipment.

The last two pages of this PDF feature two new e-Future Tiles -- cargo wings -- courtesy of SkeletonKey Games.

Written by Philip Reed.

The zip file includes two versions, one featuring the new graphic design for Ronin Arts' Future series and the second using a lighter graphics version similar to the older series design.

  • Model: PJR296
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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