Modern: 101 Urban Legends


Modern: 101 Urban Legends presents exactly what its title says: 101 snippets of odd, implausible, and sometimes ridiculous modern folklore. The legends presented here are a mix of real world tall tales and inventions of the author, James Maliszewski.

This 10-page PDF is intended as a spur to the GM's imagination. It can be used in a variety of different ways. One of the most straightforward is as the basis for an adventure or series of adventures. A d% roll enables the random selection of all but the last of the urban legends.

This PDF can also be used to flesh out GM characters in a D20 Modern Roleplaying Game campaign. Randomly rolling a legend gives the GM a strange belief or quirk for his characters. Knowing that, for example, the local bookie thinks bimetallic coins contain tracking devices breathes a little life into him beyond his abilities and physical description. It?s a strange bit of life, to be sure, but then memorable characters are often a bit strange. Likewise, players might use the list of legends to create strange beliefs for their own characters. Even players sometimes need a bit of help in adding flesh to the bones of their characters.

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