Black Tokyo


There are two Japans. Maybe more. There is comfortingly strange, exotic and familiar Japan, the Japan that’s a member of the G-8. The Japan that is a financial and cultural powerhouse; the Japan that exports high end electronics and anime culture. The Japan of bullet trains, a planned space port in Tokyo bay, the Japan that anxiously watches the toddler princess grow into a young woman. The real, 21st century Japan.

And there is the shadow Japan; the dark reflection. The flawed, cracked, bloody mirror held up to Japanese society. Japan has a mystic and sexual underworld hiding in its neon-splashed shadows. This is Black Tokyo.

Black Tokyo is the Hentai-Inspired D20 Modern setting offered by the Otherverse Games imprint headed by Chris Field. In these pages you will explore territory uncharted by any other RPG product. You will combat deamons and monsters with potent magic’s fueled by lust, love or hate. You will see the underbelly of modern Japan as only Hentai can capture it.

Black Tokyo focuses on one particular sub-genre of Hentai: supernatural horror and bondage. With visually spectacular demon lords, stunning action scenes, virginal heroines, hyper-sexualized magic rituals and psi-talents and cunning modern demon-slayers, horror Hentai makes the most ‘gamable’ background for a Hentai flavored setting.


This setting is intended for ADULTS ONLY.

If you are easily offended you do not want to purchase this product. If you are hard to offend you still may not want to buy this product! (I’m serious; we have plenty of other offerings for "mainstream" gamers.) This PDF is full of Hentai-inspired RPG rules, classes and setting elements; so if you would not purchase a typical Hentai product then this may not be your cup of tea. Consider yourself warned.

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