POSTMODERN: Talent Tree Compendium


Format: Portrait, Fully bookmarked with hyperlinked table of contents.

This pdf presents 58 talent trees for use with your Modern d20 game.

D20 Postmodern Talent Tree Compendium offers a wide variety of talents for the existing modern base classes (Charismatic, Dedicated, Fast, Smart, Strong and Tough). The 58 compiled Talent Trees include Bulletproof, Foe Hammer, God of Gamblers, Instinctive Response and many more...

Many of these talents are completely new, while others are based on pre-existing Modern class abilities or have been pulled from the wealth of open game content published for other d20 system games. Whatever their origins, all have been carefully re-examined (and in most cases changed) to improve their game balance, clarity, interaction with other abilities, and overall coolness factor-- as a result, D20 Postmodern Talent Tree Compendium makes your modern characters more colorful, exciting, and fun to play than ever before.

These talent trees are also ideal for use with BFG's alternate base class the Versatile Hero.

  • Model: BFG1405
  • Manufactured by: Big Finger Games

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