SNG Spotlight: Ordinary Mugshots


Ordinaries. You find them in stores, movie theaters, malls, restaurants, and laboratories. They’re everywhere. Usually, their game stats are unimportant, but there are times when the GM needs to know just what they can do.

How charming is that movie star? How skilled is the mechanic fixing the hero's car? Does the librarian know anything about the strange sigil the characters found painted on their front door? How perceptive is the FBI agent that is on their trail? How good is their attorney?

SNG Spotlight: Ordinary Mugshots is a d20 Modern playing aid for d20 Modern GMs and publishers alike. These 57 fully statted and equipped Ordinaries help reduce GM prep time before adventures and cut down on page flipping during the game. The publisher-friendly stat blocks are Open Content, making them suitable for use in published settings, adventures, and other d20 Modern supplements.

All of these Ordinaries were created using the RPGObjects Modern Character Generator and the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game as a guide. Ordinaries are classified according to the 19 Occupations listed in the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game.

This set of Ordinaries includes:
Academic 1st level Librarian, 3rd level History Teacher, 5th level Resident Museum Paleontologist
Adventurer 1st level Motorcycle Racer, 3rd level, Big Game Hunter, 5th level Tomb Raider
Athlete 1st level Sprinter, 3rd level Quarterback, 5th level Mixed Martial Arts Fighter
Blue Collar 1st level Taxi Driver, 3rd level Mechanic, 5th level Construction Foreman
Celebrity 1st level Local Newscaster, 3rd level Daytime Talk Show Host, 5th level Movie Star
Creative 1st level Unpublished Novelist, 3rd level Local Sculptor, 5th level Comic Book Illustrator
Criminal 1st level Street Thug, 3rd level Cat Burglar, 5th level Mafia Capo
Dilettante 1st level Spoiled Rich Kid, 3rd level Radical Animal Rights Activist, 5th level Charity Event Planner
Doctor 1st level Nurse, 3rd level Physician Assistant or General Practitioner, 5th level Heart Surgeon
Emergency Services 1st level Emergency Medical Technician, 3rd level Hazardous Waste Removal, 5th level Firefighter
Entrepreneur 1st level Rave Organizer, 3rd level Greedy Boxing Promoter, 5th level Movie Producer
Investigative 1st level Private Investigator, 3rd level Investigative Reporter, 5th level Miami Vice Detective
Law Enforcement 1st level Uniformed Police Officer, 3rd level S.W.A.T. Team Member, 5th level FBI Agent
Military 1st level Army Private, 3rd level Marine Corps Lieutenant, 5th level Navy SEAL
Religious 1st level Yoga Guru, 3rd level Catholic Priest, 5th level Cheyenne Medicine Man
Rural 1st level Fruit Picker, 3rd level Farm Equipment Operator, 5th level Plantation Owner
Student 1st level High School Senior, 3rd level Technical College Graduate, 5th level College Grad Student
Technician 1st level Land Surveyor, 3rd level Building Inspector, 5th level Cancer Researcher
White Collar 1st level Sales Clerk, 3rd level Bank Loan Officer, 5th level Criminal Lawyer

Modern Character Generator Copyright 2006, RPGObjects; Designer Chris Davis

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