POSTMODERN: The Versatile Hero


Format: Portrait, fully bookmarked.

This pdf presents a new and unique base class for your Modern d20 game.

The Versatile hero is the proverbial jack-of-all-trades. If you've ever imagined a character concept so unique and original that you couldn't quite fit it into one of the pre-existing base classes, the Versatile hero is for you! Never settle for "almost" the character you wanted to make again!

d20 Postmodern Versatile Hero includes:

  • A new base class for modern d20 games, one that does not depend on any specific ability score!
  • Twelve new talent trees (two for each existing base class), comprised of both new talents and abilities from various OGC sources, edited for game balance and consistency -- all usable with the Versatile hero, since the Versatile hero can use talents from any class!
  • A uniquely integrated "Development Point" mechanic, allowing you to customize all aspects of your modern d20 character, from base attack bonus to class skills to talent trees!

About Big Finger Games' d20 Postmodern line:
D20 Postmodern is Big Finger Games' catch-all title for their line of Modern d20 add-ons and enhancements.
With d20 Postmodern, Big Finger Games' stated goal is to provide a mix of authentic cinematic action, colorful and robust character options, precise and flavorful rules, and inspiring and sophisticated storytelling for your Modern campaign.

  • Model: BFG1401
  • Manufactured by: Big Finger Games

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