Future: 13 Starship Devices


One of the most popular tools in any star-faring campaign is the starship. Throughout books, comics, movies, and even gaming people love distinctive, original starship designs. In Future: 13 Starship Devices players will find 14 new equipment options including:

--Advanced Surge Burners. No longer does the surge forward maneuver have to be a full-round action.

--Proximity Sensors. Make more maneuvers with less risk of provoking attacks of opportunity.

--Solar Storm Generator. This brutal Energy Age weapon will unleash the destructive forces of radiation on your foes.

--Luxury Accommodations. You're rich and powerful, don't you deserve a starship that shows off your wealth?

For use with the starship rules found in the future SRD.

7-pages. Written by Philip Reed.

  • Model: PJR327
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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