The Iconic Bestiary -- Volume One


NOTE: Collects Classics of Fantasy, Classic Fey, and Classics of Controversy in one volume.

Classics of Fantasy: Presented in this section are seven new monsters, fully ready for use. Each one of these creatures correlates to one of the iconic monsters not included in the SRD. They are not the same creatures in disguise, but rather occupy the same niche, and possess comparable though not identical abilities.

Classic Fey: This section, written by Keith Baker, offers an assortment of faerie creatures drawn from the folklore and legends of earthly cultures. In addition to statistics for the creatures themselves, you'll also find variant rules for dealing with the fey: storybook curses, faerie marriage, and options that can be used to add color and depth to any encounter with fey creatures.

Classics of Controversy: Officially, they're called "cryptids." The term comes from cryptozoology, the study of animals that the researcher believes are real, but for which there is little if any conclusive proof. Some folks swear they exist, others scoff at the mere mention of their names.

And you've heard those names, at least some of them. Bigfoot. The Jersey devil. El chupacabra. Nessie. Well, now you can do more than just hear of them. Now you can use them in your games.

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