Visions 3: Stitches


Magic is the king of a fantasy world, and science its poor, beggar cousin. Or so it is commonly believed. But even in a world soaked in sorcerous energy, and awash in divine light and darkness, there are men and women of vision who seek to wrest the truth of the universe from the jealous gods, using not magic, but math, biology, the study of anatomy, and the esoteric arts of scientific alchemy. Some revile them as madmen, others as heretics, and in truth they are both, and in truth they are neither. For good or evil, these men and women of science, these dreamers, these heretics, these madmen, dare attempt to wrest from the heavens the secret the gods have declared to be their's alone:

The Promethean spark.

The secret of life.

This 27-page PDF, written by Patrick Younts, presents new flesh golems and flesh golem templates for use in fantasy campaigns. Creative DMs will easily slot these beasts into Victorian-era fantasy and steampunk campaigns.

  • Model: PJR182
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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