Classes of Legend: The Fiendblade


Any reader of fantasy need not dig too deep into the library of classics to come across examples of warriors who also wield the powers of magic and summoning. Consider, if you will, a certain albino prince who carries a cursed sword of unimaginable power. While one could certainly argue that he was only a potent fighter because of the powers of his blade, the truth of the matter is that he was a combatant first and a spellcaster second; yet on more than one occasion, he achieved victory only by calling upon the might of his dark and chaotic lord.

For those who want to emulate that character in particular, or who simply like the idea of portraying a fighter who can call up his own allies, Lion's Den Press presents The Fiendblade, newest in our Classes of Legend series. The fiendblade is not a combination fighter/spellcaster, as is, say, the paladin or the ranger. Rather, his mystical abilities are limited specifically to the summoning of fiends to aid him on the field of battle, and to specific other class abilities that augment his primary function. It's not quite like anything in the game, but a unique methodology. We think you'll like this dark fellow; and vice versa.

  • Model: LDPAM009
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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