Parry and Riposte


Weapon Rack: Rapiers, aka Parry & Riposte explores the weapon of duelists everywhere. Greatly favored by rogues and others relying on finese this has become a widely used tool of the game.

Publisher: Dark Quest Games
Stock Code: DQG1701
Product Line: Weapon Rack(d20 System)
Format: 8-1/2 x 11, 66 pgs
Authors: Bret Boyd, Neal Levin, Darren Pearce, Steven Palmer Peterson, David Woodum
Cover Artist: Kallen
Interior Artist: Gillian Pearce
Cover Design: Deborah Balsam
Design & Layout: Duncan Fieldan

  • Class viewpoints on the rapier
  • Feats: Againsts the Odds, Deft Parry, Dual Strick, Fighting Cloak Proficiency, Greater Disarm, Greater Feint, Greater Mobility, Impale, Masterful Dodge, Off-hand Parry, Puncture Armor, Reactive Grab, syncronized strike, Take the Offensive, Weapon Dexterity
  • Rapier Fighting Styles
  • Rapier Maneuvers
  • Prestige Classes: Disciple of the Wasp, Master Fencer, Mystic Bladefighter
  • 7 NPC weaponcrafters
  • 4 weapon special abilities
  • 12 Masterwork rapiers
  • 40 specific magical rapiers

  • Model: DQG1701
  • Manufactured by: Dark Quest Games

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