Eldritch Codex: Libram of Silver Magic


Libram of Silver Magic provides you with new arcane magic options for your d20 System game. In its pages you will find:

-Prestige class versions of the specialist wizards, each with its own unique class abilities to give more flavour than simple bonus spells.

-Prestige class versions of the wizard and sorcerer, with class abilities that emphasize the wizardís studiousness and the sorcererís energy.

-The new mage base class, with its Spell Chain Mastery ability, granting new abilities based on groups of related spells known by the character.

-The alchemist prestige class, an arcane spellcaster with the ability to create many wondrous things, including philosopherís stone.

-Elemental infused classes, new feats and magical substances, and more!

  • Model: FEG002
  • Manufactured by: Fifth Element Games

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