The Angelic Vessel


There are many who worship the Gods and are granted power by them. Some, however, are granted power beyond the Godís other servants because of the strength of their devotion, their ability to surrender to their deityís will. These favored servants are guided and protected by the deityís most favored servants of all: Angels.

An Angelic Vessel acts as a host and conduit for the power of an Angel. This form of surrender grants the conduit protection, strength, and even the ability to channel the Angelís essence for short periods of time. It comes at a cost, however: the Angelic vessel must walk a narrow path, and must always seek to act according to the wishes of his deity and the Angel who shares his body. Should he ever waver, even for a moment, the Angel leaves his body and strips him of his powers until he atones for his sins.

A new Prestige Class for your D20 Fantasy game.

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  • Manufactured by: Skortched Urf' Studios

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