Advanced Character Guide: Arcane Archer


Archers of elven legend will blast your campaign!

This book is the first in the series by Secular Games called Advanced Character Guides, a collection that takes a standard prestige class and brings new rules and concepts to improve your experience with it. Each of the SRD prestige classes will get its own volume, and we hope to offer new and exciting variants every time, toned accordingly to all of them.

Advanced Character Guide: Arcane Archer, will be your next step into this popular character option. With the rules presented in this 35-page PDF, it's possible to optimize the choices related to the class, and take it to a huge improvement in the long-time development. Inside, you'll find:

- A 20-level arcane archer core class, if you want to play one from the very first level.
- New feats that improve the arcane archer in what she excels.
- Alternative arcane archers that best suit non-standard elf sub-races or character choices.
- Sample arcane archers to be used as ready-to-play NPCs or inspiration for your own characters.
- New spells and magic items for characters which take the bow as a favorite weapon.

All of this material was created not only with players in mind, but is also worth a GM's time and energy. Advanced Character Guide: Arcane Archer is presented in two formats (one landscape full-color and one B&W vertical printer-friendly), with cover and interior illustrations from the best artists brought to you by Secular Games.

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  • Manufactured by: Secular Games

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