Fantasy Player's Companion: Core Class Variants


Fantasy Player's Companion: Core Class Variants presents over thirty variants on the eleven core classes found in the basic rules and three psionic classes. This 40-page PDF, written by Philip Reed, features the original open game content variants plus more!

Variants include:

-Savage Champion: A super powerful barbarian hero.

-Mystic Musician: An instrument-playing bard with a signature instrument.

-Exorcist: An undead killer that sacrifices spellcasting for greater turning and undead destroying ability.

-Keeper of the Seed: A druid charged with planting a magical seed and protecting the growth.

-Possessed: A monk guided by the spirit of an ancestor.

-Deformimancer: A sorcerer capable of increasing the power of his spells through self-mutilation.

-Dragon Soul: A sorcerer variant bonded to the spirit of a dragon.

At least two variant classes for each core class found in the core rules is included in this PDF.

Also includes the original 15-page version of this product and a complete RTF file that makes copying and pasting text from the product easier than ever!

  • Model: PJR132
  • Manufactured by: Ronin Arts

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