The Lair of the Demon Princess

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The Lair of the Demon Princess. Some of the fiends who suffered defeat at the Stairway of the Gods have escaped to the jungles of Megiddo and are stirring up trouble in the kingdom of Kameroone.The heroes who take on this adventure, gate into a cavern high in the Grand Caldera mountains. They travel down the gorge called Giant Crag Pass, then seek out a minotaur who captains a ship that sails out of San Markos. The heroes battle their way to and in this village, on the high seas, into the jungle of Megiddo and finally into the Lair of the Demon Princess! The adventure features a variety of locales, several new monsters, traveling encounters and a dungeon crawl that leads to the final confrontation. This adventure is crafted for levels 8-12 and can fit in most any campaign. It's easily modified for lower or higher level groups.

  • Model: HP-2
  • Manufactured by: Black Death Publishing

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